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Getting Them Healthy, Keeping Them Healthy

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"Oxyganic is the best single treatment that I have seen for a broad spectrum of bacterial and fungal infections in a wide variety of animals."

Dr. Nancy Harvey, D.V.M

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Oxyganic® Helps Dogs, Cats, and Birds

Oxyganic® promotes rapid healing, treats infections, improves vitamin and mineral absorption, prevents propagation of harmful bacteria & odor. Oxyganic® is odorless, tasteless and side-effect free solution for pets of all kinds. It is a 100 % natural & effective pet care solution that NEVER loses it's effectiveness.

So how and why does Oxyganic® work? By increasing oxygen levels! Natural oxygen is produced as a by-product of the microorganisms present in Oxyganic®. Oxyganic is activated by internal body heat, or surface skin temperatures, causing it to generate large amounts of oxygen both at the cellular level and/or external body level, depending on how it is used.  Direct oxygenation aids, restores & replenishes beneficial bacteria, but harmful, infectious micro-organisms cannot survive in the highly oxygenated environment created by Oxyganic®. Natural oxygen also combines with food, facilitating permeability into cells and better vitamin and mineral absorption.

Money Back Guarantee !

If Oxyganic does not live up your expectations, simply send back the unused portion in it's original container to Eco-Biosystems, Attn: Returns, 5721 Mira Grande, El Paso, TX 79912. The purchase price of the item you bought will be refunded in full, along with return shipping cost.

Animal/bird rescue organizations and individuals wishing to resell Oxyganic, please use Contact Us page to receive detailed information!

We ship USPS Flat Rate/Priority Mail, Arrives in 2-3 days.
is concentrated, please read usage for type of pet.